Mission Statement: Thinking, Loving, Serving

WELCOME  –  When you Enter this Loving church Consider yourself One of the special Members of an Extraordinary family !!

Here in the heart of rural South Carolina is a spiritual oasis, a sanctuary of liberal faith, a mosaic of individuals with a diverse array of religious perspectives.   We come together to worship, study, play, and work together, to grow in Love, to do our part in creating a more whole world, and to create strong, abiding friendships.   If you would like to learn more about us and our faith tradition, we hope you will visit our oasis soon.  You may also visit us on Facebook.
Current meeting plans for CMUU include having Sunday services at 11:00am on the first, second and third Sundays of each month.  One of those Sundays (generally the first Sunday of the month) will be in person, with a potluck lunch to follow in the fellowship hall.  The other 2 services will be held by Zoom.  To attend & need the meeting link, all you need to do is email the church at claytonmuu@gmail.com to request it.  

Take courage, friends.
The way is often hard, the path is never clear,
and the stakes are very high.
Take courage.                                                                                           
For deep down under, there is another truth:
You are not alone. – Wayne B. Arnason