Christmas Gifts for Newberry County Adolescent Foster Kids

Please join us again 2019 in our effort to provide Christmas gifts for adolescent children in foster care in Newberry County!!  You may bring gifts you’d like to contribute to the Church.  If you prefer, you can contribute money for gift purchases or Wal-Mart gift cards.  Use the “SUPPORT CMUU” page on this website to contribute through PayPal, mail it to us, put it in the collection plate as designated funds or give to Marla or Nance.  Plan is to include a gift card with every gift bag put together for an adolescent.  The foster care case workers in Newberry County will take the children to spend the gift cards so that they may get something special for themselves, clothes or shoes.

Some Background:  For several years now at Christmas time, Clayton Memorial has worked with Newberry DSS to give gift bags filled with gifts (usually including a back pack) for foster kids, those who are not in their homes for some reason.  Newberry County has historically had more than a few children in foster care.

In 2018 we provided Christmas gifts for 14 teenage foster children (8 boys and 6 girls).  DSS case workers said that bead jewelry kits are popular with many girls because they can make friendship bracelets to remember friends when they are moved around and use the beads to decorate their backpacks.  These are popular and good therapy for them as they can individualize them.  They need clothes and shoes so we give gift cards to Wal-Mart.  Little things that you think of and are appropriate for teenagers are welcomed.  Thanks so much in advance!

Foster kids are often in shelters.  They are often taken out of their homes with just the clothes (or pajamas) on their backs, sometimes without even shoes.  The DSS workers keep donated (usually used) clothes to use in if needed.  These may or may not fit.

Why do we give backpacks?  A member of CMUU worked on a project evaluation where they saw children in a shelter who had been given some clothes (as they had come with none).  They carried them with them in plastic trash bags given to them by the shelter.  We feel that the backpack can be something that will be their own territory, something the children can use to protect things that are special to them.   DSS workers say that backpacks are a good idea because the kids often have to move around. 

A few things to know (rules):

  1.  Donated gifts for this project cannot be wrapped.  They will be put in large festive gift bags.
  2. The primary rule at DSS is that no used items are accepted for Christmas gifts.  DSS does accept them as suppies for throughout the year, however.