Get Involved

You are welcome to get involved in our services, events and church family activities to whatever extent you desire.  We welcome suggestions, assistance, contributions (!), participation and any level of membership that suits you best.  Levels of membership are:

  • Any person desiring to become a member must apply either publicly or privately to the Minister and the Board of the Church for approval.  He/she shall be received by the Church by signing the membership book.  A member agrees to abide by the Unitarian Universalist Seven Principles and the policies, procedures and guidelines of the Bylaws.
  • An active member is a member whose name is listed as active in the membership book, who is at least sixteen years of age, and who has participated in the life of the Church within the past year by either record of attendance or giving.
  • An associate member is a member who desires affiliation with the Church but does not fulfill the requirements for voting or who requests such status.  An associate member may serve on committee/s as a member or officer but may not serve as a member of the Board.
  • A youth member is a member under the age of sixteen. A youth member is a full member of the Church without the right to vote, who may serve on committee/s.  The right to vote will begin at age sixteen.
  • The Church committees are Religious Education and Worship, Building and Grounds, Finance, Nominating, Outreach, and Information Technology.
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