1. For Spirituality Group on May 11, Kate will share with us about Gestalt Therapy. Our meeting will be at 7pm in Halfacre Hall.  See you there.  Thank you, Kate!
  1. Please be sure to join us on May 13 for the 11:00 Service with guest speaker Candace Chellew-Hodge from Jubilee Circle! She will share with us in song about Mother’s Day.
  1. On May 20 for 11:00 Service we will be exploring the theme of Seasons of Life :o)
  1. Please mark your calendars for May 26 (Sat. at 5:30pm). We will have a special concert with the Demasi brothers (Joseph and John) who will share their music.   We will gather in Halfacre Hall!!!  Fun and fun to be had by all!  Their website is:   http://www.thedemasibrothers.org/home-1.html

           This is a YouTube of them in song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0iMuEsXYr8

  1. For the June 3 service we will be exploring the theme of THE ARTS. The Worship and Music committee would like to invite each of you to share your talents – your artist side!  Your art may be painting, drawing, singing, writing poetry, throwing pottery, crocheting, building, sculpting, playing guitar, writing music, acting,  reading auras, or something not listed.  Whatever your artistic talent / expression is, you are invited to “show and tell” how this is a spiritual practice.  Please feel free to spread the word in the community and invite others to the service to share.
  1. Following the service on June 3 for Eatin’ Meetin’ we will be having a cookout with hotdogs and hamburgers!! Yum Yum!!!!  Marla has a sign-up of what we need to bring!!!!  Thanks, Andy, for the good idea!
  1. And remember — It’s not too late to join the Worship & Music Committee to be a part planning such great events / services to share in as a church family!!!!
  1. See ya soon!!