1. Lots of good goodies going on!! Please be sure to join us for Sunday service  on 3-4-18 where we will be exploring Women’s History with Michelle.  The 11:00am service is followed by Eatin’ Meetin’ and I know you don’t want to miss that!!
  2. On Friday night 3-2-18 starting at 8pm we will once again be going to Munson’s Music for the jam session. Please come join the fun!!  It’s held at 1109 Caldwell St in Newberry, right down town!
  3. For Spirituality Group on Friday 3-9-18 we are tickled to have Kate Reeves share with us about Gestalt Therapy. We will be starting at 7pm in Halfacre Hall.  Please come to learn and share.  We are open to your ideas as well for this group.  Please let them be known!! :o)
  4. For the 11:00am Sunday service on 3-11-18 we are thrilled to announce that our very own John Halfacre will be our speaker. He will be offering “Reflections from the Back Nine”.   Please make a point to join us for the sharing of his wisdom, memories and reflections!!!!  We are honored to have him as our speaker.
  5. On Saturday 3-10-18 from 9am-4pm in Halfacre Hall, Joan Pennington and Larry Green will be offering “Miracle Workers Training”. Come learn applied kinesiology techniques to get rid of your aches & pains, fears & worries, old stuck patterns, bad habits & poor health – it’s not complicated.  Everyone can learn to do it!!  Fee is only $98.  We will learn Spindle Cell Technique, Mindfulness Pain Release Technique, Emotional Stress Release Rewrite Technique and Heart Rate Variability Enhancement!!!!  For more information & to sign up, go to: