We held our annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, Jan. 21, and elected the Board for 2018. Let’s join together to thank & congratulate those elected: Sam Stone, Chair; Marla Castillo, Secretary; Robert Tiedemann, Member-at-Large & Marsha DeRosier, Treasurer. We are looking forward to a great year & will be getting with you soon to plan committee involvement. Get your thinking caps on for some good ideas to share. Email addresses for the Board are in the CC line of this email.

Please remember that if you have an idea or concern that you would like the Board to consider for some action, please put it in writing to at least one Board member. It will be shared with the whole Board for a decision. Doing it this way helps with communication, clarity & tracking of it. Thanks so much!! At the present time, we need someone to coordinate Spirituality Group & someone to keep our Wayside Pulpit sign down at the road updated. Let a Board member know if you’d like to do any of the things.  

We of course encourage contributions to the church to your fullest extent possible. If you have something you would like to donate, please use a donation forms which can be found on the little shelf of the red donation box inside the front door of Halfacre Hall. Using this form is another way to help keep track of things.

Please join us for Spirituality Group this Fri evening, Feb 2, when we go together to enjoy the jam session at Munson Music in Newberry!!! The address is 1109 Caldwell Street. It begins at 8:00pm. SEE YA THERE!