Hey all! We have certainly had some wonderful services and church time together lately! Thanks, Michelle, for the thoughtful words about pioneering last Sunday. Also thanks to Micheal Barron and Ken McBride for inspiring, thought-provoking words regarding education and social services. And special hugs to our Church Mother Mary Nell!!!


This Sunday we don’t meet because it is the 4th Sunday, but be sure to join us next Sunday for the annual FISH FRY! Yep, we’re frying fish! And will also be having a Talent Sharing!!! So be sure to come be a part of this fun time with the church family. I will be doing a clog dance myself :o)    What will your talent sharing be??? It’ll be fun but fairly informal. Whatever someone wants to share for enjoyment will be AWESOME!!! Let Annie know if you need anything particular.


We will gather for the fish fry at regular church time – 11:00 am on July 30, 2017, and have the blessing at 11:15 am to start things off. For the menu, please feel free to bring whatever you would like in terms of food to share. We will have plenty of fish and fried potatoes, so things like slaw, deserts, salads and fruit would be perfect. Nance is bringing tartar sauce and cocktail sauce. If you would like something particular to drink, it would probably be best to bring that too. We will have plenty of ice. Yes, it will be hot that day so we plan to get started early frying the fish and getting things ready. Sounds yummy to me!!! See ya there!


Please be sure to join us on Aug 11 at 7:00pm for Spirituality Group when Mary Moss from the Big Oak Animal Rescue Farm will be with us to share information and experiences about the farm and their animals. They are doing wonderful things at this farm in Greenwood. Check them out on Facebook! Love, love and love!


On Aug 13 we will have LaRahna Hughes as guest speaker for the 11:00 am church service.   She is a member of the Aiken UU Church and her topic will be “Spiritual Gardening”. She is an avid gardener in the Aiken area and does all kinds of community oriented events and activities.   Check her out on Facebook!!!