Hey all! We have been having some wonderful Sunday services AND we had three people join as members on April 16 – Bonnie, Kira and Munson!  This is so exciting and uplifting!!! 

We had a beautiful service and message from Michelle on April 2 on Arbor Day. We had Meg and Todd Hoke as guest speakers and musicians on April 9 with a message about Five Happy Things.  We had a lovely Easter service on April 16 with Holy Communion and a message from Michelle about Resurrection.  Our Church family time together is so lovely!!  Thanks to all involved in pulling these together for us all to share!!! 

Remember that we do not have service this weekend as it is the 4th Sunday, but be sure to join us on April 30 for a Flower Communion Service. We will send out more details soon as to how the ceremony will flow, but in the meantime be thinking of some flowers that are meaningful to you and that you might like to share as part of the communion. 

Candace Chellew-Hodge, pastor of Jubilee Circle in Columbia, will be our guest speaker on Mother’s Day May 14. She is also very musical!!!  Please be sure to join in for this.There is still time to sign up for church committee work!! We’ll take all yall’s good help that we can get!!! Thanks so much for all you do!!

Oh yeah, the basket for the coffee maker is missing. Has anybody run across it   in dishes you took home fromatin’ Meetin’?  I know we had it then, but it is nowhere to be found now.  Hopefully it will show back up.

FYI – CMUU has joined the Chambers of Commerce/Visitor Centers in Newberry and Chapin. The hope is to get the word out more about our wonderful church and about the availability of the fellowship hall for use by groups. 

 And we also are having a booth on April 29 at the Sparkleberry Country Fair, 900 Clemson Rd in Columbia. If you would like to be involved, please let Marsha or Marla know!!       http://sparkleberrycountryfair.org/

As I shared in church on Sunday, the Welcoming Church Ad Hoc Committee presented the draft application to UUA for recognition to the Board for consideration. The Board approved the application.  The draft is available for reading by the congregation through April 30.  This is an exciting time for our church.