1. Hey all! Be sure to join us this Sunday as we are having a guest speaker, Brooks Heard, of the chaplaincy program at Palmetto Health.  We look forward to meeting him and sharing his message.  After the service we will be having Eatin’ Meetin’ !!  All are welcome.  We want to THANK Munson and Kira for leading us so delightfully in song following the February Eatin” Meetin”.  What a treat!!!! Let’s not be shy about doing that again!!!
  2. Next Sunday, March 12, the service will be offered by the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Columbia. Please make a special point to join with us in this special time together.
  3. January was SC Interfaith Harmony Month, and the first week of February every year is Interfaith Harmony Week. We so enjoyed sharing in the various events and offering an event on January 29.  The final event of the Interfaith Harmony Month calendar was a Healing & Peace Interfaith Ceremony offered by Osireion, Sunday, February 12 at 3:00pm at the SC State House – a definite good time was had by all.  The plan is for Osireion to offer the Community Healing Ceremony at CMUU in October.
  4. Please let Marla know of any interest you have in serving on a committee. We have Worship and Music, Buildings and Grounds, Information Technology, Fellowship Hall, Outreach/Inreach , Finance, and the Ad Hoc Welcoming Church committees.
  5. We had a good productive workday at the Church on the 4th Sunday in Feb! What a crew!!! Bonnie and Sarah and Kira and Nance were on detail in the Fellowship Hall and it now sparkles!!!  Marla and Sam C and John H took care of the church – it now shines!!  Sam S, Eddie and Marsha were the outside crew and got the pruning done and pine straw put down – including down at the Wayside Pulpit!  It was a good day with good work and good company.  I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.  If I did, sorry!!!  Please know that all efforts are AWESOME!!!, as well as appreciated, valued, loved!!!!!
  6. We are looking into participating in the Sparkleberry Country Fair in Columbia on Saturday, April 29, as part of an interfaith effort. It should be tons of fun.  Please let Marsha know of any interest you have in helping.
  7. Have a great week!!