1. Hey all! Thanks go to Marla for putting together such a wonderful service this past Sunday on “Being UU in Public”!  We communed with technology and it was great!!  We also had some new faces and some comers-back with us!!  “Our Elizabeth” and her friend John joined us, and it was such a treat!!  Martha Bursinger, a Halfacre who grew up in the church, visited and told of having been an angel in the Christmas program they put on in the sanctuary many years ago.  Her mother Ruby Summer, who passed away in June, was a life-long member of our church.  Our sympathies go to Martha.  Lorri and Addie joined us too!  It was great to see them and to share some time together.
  2. Please be sure to join us for the church work day this coming Sunday, 10-22-17, starting around 9am. We will have soup and crackers available for lunch!!  YUM!!  We’ll be cleaning the church & fellowship hall, but the focus of help & energy will be on assembling the playground swing set.  Eddie will be our guide in this task.  Thank you, Eddie!  This playground will be such a wonderful addition to the church grounds for fellowship together.
  3. The 5th Sunday, 10-29-17, will be a service of The Blessing of the Animals. Details will be coming soon!!  :o)  Be sure to join us.
  4. Now’s the time to start collecting gifts & funds for our Christmas project of getting gifts for Newberry Co DSS foster children. We will be focusing on older kids.  We usually prepare gifts bags for about 15 children.  Nance is the contact person & will be getting the particulars of needs from the DSS case worker soon.  As usual we can use anything & anything you give will find a good home!  See Nance for helping out, making donations, pitching in, etc.!!  We will get-together at the church in early December to put the gift bags together.  Backpacks are the most needed things in this project.  All gift items all need to be new – not used & please do not wrap anything you bring as DSS has to go through everything before it is given to a child.
  5. Have a wonderful week! Enjoy this cool weather and I’ll see you on Sunday for the work day!!! Remember, as our sign says, YOU GLADDEN THE WHOLE EARTH !!