1. Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!!!
  2. Reminder that Spirituality Group is the 2nd Friday of each month at the church at 7:00pm. This Friday the plan is to continue the discussion about the possibility of our church becoming an open and affirming church.  Included with this Newsy News is a copy of The Blue Book which will be a starting place for the discussion.  See you there! 
  1. Reminder that we are looking at our Mission Statement and hoping to come up with one that expresses our mission now! Our theme for this year is All Families Matter, and we continue the essence of compassion, inclusiveness and acceptance.  Surely you have some words too that come to mind when you think of the mission of our church.  Please share these.  Our goal is to be able to convey our mission in one sentence that tells the purpose of the church and is concise, clear, and memorable!!  I know we can do it!!!
  1. Please be sure to join us for service tomorrow as it will be especially honoring Mothers. Last Sunday we began a conversation about families, which is the theme we are focusing on as a church this year.  We talked about the families we are born into and the families we choose – our church family included.  Please join us for our upcoming service, which will focus on mothers as we celebrate Mother’s Day as a congregation.
  1. We received a nice Thank You for the donation to Heifer International the congregation made recently. Please remember that there is a jar in the Fellowship Hall to collect coins (and bills!) for this purpose. 
  1. On May 29 from 3-5pm, CMUU will be hosting 3 community leaders in an afternoon of discussion about Islam, including the role of women, the threat of Islamic terrorism, Islam and Christianity, and your own questions.  Please share this info!!  A flyer is attached.
  1. The Fellowship Hall is in need of an umbrella stand. Does anyone have an attractive one to share or any ideas for making one? 
  2. We also need cups/mugs and bowls. We have some cups but more are welcomed.  We don’t have any dishes such as 16 ounce bowls.  These would be wonderful to have for dessert and cereal.  If you feel so moved please help us come up with some bowls about 16 ounces in size.  We have a recent donation of much larger bowls – THANKS!  We are also in need of storage bags, plastic wrap and aluminum foil.  Plastic containers are also handy for use by people to take leftovers.   Please check your cupboards to see if you have any of these things to spare and share.  Baskets of thanks to you!!!