1. Happy Summer!!!
  2. Reminder that Spirituality Group is the 2nd Friday of each month at the church at 7:00pm. We will not, however, be meeting in July due to so many other commitments at that same time for people.  In June we spent some very quality time with Dr. Will Goins, CEO of the SC Cherokee Tribe.  We thank him for his time, perspective and generous heart as he shared with us. When we meet for our August 12 group we will continue discussion of our conside-ration of the possibility of becoming a welcoming church.  Please plan to join us to join in.
  1. In our meeting on the 17th the Board agreed with the recommendation of the mission-statement-consideration-subgroup (Annie & John) for our church Mission Statement. It is: Clayton Memorial – Thinking, Loving, Serving.  LOVE IT!!  The plan is to start using it as our Mission Statement on July 3 if there are no serious objections or better options offered.  We had 15 or so submissions (thank you all so much!!!), and Clayton Memorial – Thinking, Loving, Serving really spoke warmly to our hearts.  Please let John or Annie know by July 3 of any objections and alternatives.  Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness in this process.
  1. REMINDER – we will not be having 11:00am service this Sunday because it is the 4th Sunday of June. We will be having service on July 3 so please make plans to joins us.  Eatin’ Meetin’ will follow the service!!  Ya’ll come!! 
  1. Hear Ye, Hear Ye – We will not be having 11:00 Sunday service on July 10 as we will be gathering as a church family the evening before for a fish fry!!! Church members have been collecting up the fish they catch to make this happen!!!  Go, Fishermen/women!!!  Please plan to join in on 7-9-16 around 5:00pm (or earlier if you’d like to help fry fish).  Marla is coordinating the menu just to make sure of enough and a variety of foods.  YUM!!!  Guests are of course welcome, but it would be helpful to know of their coming beforehand so that we can make sure we have plenty of food. 
  1. Another Hear Ye, Hear Ye – Our 5th Sunday service in July on 7-31-16 will be another Community Conversation from 3pm-5pm on the topic of parenting and step-parenting prepared by Michelle and Marla. Please mark your calendars!!
  2. Please remember that if you have an idea or concern for which you want some action from the Board, please give the idea in writing so that it may be shared with the entire Board. This is helpful in that we will all be clear on what you are proposing. Thanks for your ideas and participation on committees, groups, services, church events, etc., etc!!  Together we get it done!