1. Happy Spring!!!
  2. Reminder that Spirituality Group is the 2nd Friday of each month at the church at 7:00pm. This Friday the plan is to share favorite / meaningful quotes.  Each of us may bring favorite and meaningful quotes to share with the group.  As you might imagine, we can anticipate many thought-provoking ideas and sentiments to arise and talk about!  All are welcome.  Please come and share with us words that are special and meaningful to you!  <3
  1. Reminder that we are looking at our Mission Statement and hoping to come up with one that expresses our mission now! Our theme for this year is Families Matter, and we continue the essence of compassion, inclusiveness and acceptance.  Surely you have some words too that come to mind when you think of the mission of our church.  Please share these.  Annie is your primary point of contact, but feel free to tell any Board member – John H, Marla, Michelle, Annie or Marsha.  Our goal is to be able to convey our mission in one sentence that tells the purpose of the church and is concise, clear, and memorable!!  I know we can do it!!!
  1. Another reminder that if you have an idea or concern for which you want some action from the Board, please give the idea in writing so that it may be shared with the entire Board. This is helpful in that we will all be clear on what you are proposing. Thanks for your ideas and participation on committees, groups, services, church events, etc., etc!!  Together we get it done!
  1. Something else you might share your ideas with Annie and Marsha about is what would make an inviting and warm devotional corner. The thought is that it would be nice to have a space in the Fellowship Hall where someone could sit quietly or prayerfully, could make a contribution of money towards something near to their heart (such as a meal, an event, Spirituality Group, a church project, landscaping, Fellowship Hall needs), submit a prayer request in writing or in prayer, submit something in writing to let go of, that sort of space.  Please put your thinking caps on and let us know what you think.
  1. The Church made another donation to Heifer International thanks to generous contributions. Please remember that there is a jar in the Fellowship Hall to collect coins (and bills!) for this purpose. 
  2. On May 29 from 3-5pm, CMUU will be hosting 3 community leaders in an afternoon of community discussion about Islam, including the role of women, the threat of Islamic terrorism, Islam and Christianity, and your own questions. Please share this info!!