1. Don’t forget that this weekend is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.  We’ll move our clocks UP an hour this Saturday night!  See ya Sunday!!!
  2. Be sure to join us on Friday of this week (3-11-16) at 7:00pm at the Church for Spirituality Group. We will watch a video from the PBS show To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe – A Discussion of Issues from Diverse Perspectives, from December 2014.  The topic will be “The Welcoming Movement in Open and Affirming Churches”.  Sam Stone will lead the discussion as we consider if and how this might apply to our church community. 
  1. Spirituality Group is the 2nd Friday of each month at the church at 7:00pm. If you have a topic you would like to present or consider, please let Ernest know, as he coordinates the Group!!
  1. We have several Outreach Activities being offered at and by the Church. Some have said that our outreach projects define who we are as a church.  For these outreach initiatives to succeed, we need the involvement of our entire church family.  Your assistance would be helpful in program planning, publicity, setting up, cleaning up, food preparation and service, as well as so many other small but important tasks.  We need you!! We are small in numbers, but we can achieve great things if we all develop a passion for outreach and its connection to all of our seven principles.  Please let John H know if you are willing to help.  Following is a brief description of our plans:
  1. Coming Together:  A biracial group of clergy and community leaders are participating in a series of sessions with the goal being to develop plans to understand and to dismantle racism in our communities.  Clayton Memorial and Newberry College are co-sponsoring this series. The sessions are conducted in the Fellowship Hall. 
  1. Building Bridges: March 21st has been designated as Ending Racism Day.  On Sunday, March 20th our service will be centered on the topic of building relationships.  Members from Masjid Al-Salaam will be our guests in the Fellowship Hall for lunch and conversation.  All church family members who are able to join us on this occasion are invited and encouraged to do so.  Please bring a little extra food to ensure that we have a sufficient amount for our guests.  Out of respect for the Muslim dietary restriction, we ask that you please not bring pork products or dishes that have used pork in the food preparation.
  2.  Islam Today…. Journey to the Future: On the 5th Sunday in May at 3 PM, we will sponsor a community outreach program on the Islamic faith, which will be in lieu of our regular 11am service.  Specific topics will focus upon the Isis Crisis, Christianity and Islam, and the Role of Women in the Muslim world.  The format will include short presentations, audience question and answer time, and table switching opportunities for small group conversations.