Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!!!  We are having a work day at the Church this Saturday morning starting at 8am.  If you can’t make it that early, come when you can.  Lots of tasks will be available to complete!!  Please come join in as we care for our Church home, do Spring cleaning and prepare for guests on Sunday.

At Spirituality Group last Friday we watched a video from the PBS show To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe – A Discussion of Issues from Diverse Perspectives, from December 2014. The topic was “The Welcoming Movement in Open and Affirming Churches”.  Sam Stone led the discussion, and we took the first step in considering if and how this might apply to our church community.  We had very good discussion and came away with the plan of Marsha getting “The Blue Book”, of us looking it over and getting back together to further the discussion.  “The Blue Book” is a booklet mentioned several times in the video as a very useful guide in thinking through the issues and process in becoming an open and affirming church to the LGBT community.  It was written by a Presbyterian Church in New York to share what they learned in their own process.  Marsha was able to find the book online printable from that church and it is attached.  Sam announced about this endeavor in Church on Sunday and particularly encouraged anyone who is against the idea to let your thoughts be known.  Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness of this issue. 

Spirituality Group is the 2nd Friday of each month at the church at 7:00pm. If you have a topic you would like to present or consider, please let Ernest know, as he coordinates the Group!!  The plan for Spirituality Group for April 8 is to have a “Sharing of Favorite / Meaningful Quotes Night”.  Each of us is to bring favorite and meaningful quotes to share with the group.  As you might imagine, we can anticipate many thought-provoking ideas and sentiments to arise!  All are welcome.  Please come and share with us words that are special and meaningful to you!  <3

Don’t forget that we are hosting a Building Bridges event on Sunday. March 21st has been designated Ending Racism Day, and in celebration of it on Sunday, March 20th our service will be centered on the topic of building relationships.  Members from Masjid al Salaam will be our guests in the Fellowship Hall for lunch and conversation.  All church family members who are able to join us on this occasion are invited and encouraged to do so.  Please bring a little extra food to ensure that we have a sufficient amount for our guests.  Out of respect for the Muslim dietary restriction, we ask that you please not bring pork products or dishes that have used pork in the food preparation.  We also ask, out of respect for the possibility that a guest might be afraid of dogs, that we not have dogs at the service or lunch.

See you Saturday and Sunday!!!