1. May you have the best President’s Day ever on February 15!! <3
  2. We received nice thank you-s in the mail from Forest Lake Presbyterian Church in Columbia to which we sent flood relief money and from Heifer International for our gift at Christmas. Heifer International sent a certificate which says, “Heifer International gratefully recognizes Clayton Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church for your contribution of healthy animals and training   in their care to help struggling families overcome a life of hunger and poverty.”  Sweet!!!  Glad we could do it.
  1. The practice in the Church for the Heifer Fund is to collect money in a jar which sits on the organ. It used to be that people would drop coins in the jar when they came up for Joys and Concerns but that practice has waned.  The jar is still there, however, and all are invited to contribute as your heart and mind so leads you.
  1. Please be sure to join us for Spirituality Group this coming Friday at 7:00pm at the Church.    The topic will be a DVD viewing of “Awake: Life of Yogananda”.  Please make plans to be there with us.  We will start right at 7:00pm as the DVD is an hour and a half long.  With discussion following, we will most likely finish up around 9:00pm.  Please feel free to bring a comfortable chair or floor pillow.  Light refreshments will be available.  Annie will be leading the discussion.  Thank you, Annie!
  1. The Church’s Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/Clayton-Memorial-Unitarian-Universalist-Church-518433194881510/?ref=hl . Please LIKE the page if you haven’t.  It is a fun and informative page and a great way to get info out in a widespread manner.  Please feel free to SHARE any of the content, particularly anything listed on the page as an EVENT.  YAY!  Thanks so much!
  1. The Church’s website address is: http://newberryuu.org/. Check it out. 
  2. Congratulations to the newly elected Board: Marla, Chair; Annie, Secretary; Marsha, Treasurer; and John, Member-At-Large. Michelle, Minister, is also a full member of the Board by nature of being minister; this position is not an elected one.  We are open to comments and ideas, so if you have something which you would like the Board to consider for action please let us all know.  It is most helpful for all to have the full idea at the same time so that one of us does not have to interpret or possibly misunderstand or misrepresent.  Our email addresses are:  “Marla Castillo” <marlakatcast65@gmail.com>, “Annie Burgard” <harpbridge@gmail.com>, “John Halfacre” <halfacrj@gmail.com>, “Marsha DeRosier” <mderosy@gmail.com>, “Michelle Robinson” michelle_wildes@yahoo.com.  We look forward to a great 2016 as a Church Family!!